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ANTI-AGEING.SG was launched on 1st February 2005 as a response to public outcry for a reliable information portal amongst overwhelming commercially biased anti-ageing web sites and businesses, which could be misleading. Unsuspecting members of the public have fallen prey and spent a total of hundreds of millions of dollars unnecessarily each year, in their quest for eternal youth.

ANTI-AGEING.SG aims to provide necessary information to the public so that they will be able to:
  1. slow the rate at which an individual ages and thereby extend life expectancy,
  2. increase an individual "health span", the length of time they are free of age-related diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes
  3. improve the quality of life through greater vitality, mental acuity, and an overall zest of life.
ANTI-AGEING.SG was started as a public service project in Singapore by Dr Arthur Tjandra, which places great emphasis on the importance of preventative medicine in retarding the ageing process. Most age-related illnesses are preventable if only we are better informed. ANTI-AGEING.SG provides information and tips on healthy aging, care giving, medications, dietary supplements, and diseases.

ANTI-AGEING.SG publishes online articles, which are evidence-based. Contributors for the articles have been carefully selected, so that they can provide unbiased review on various aspects and topics of ageing. The contributors are physicians and health care providers who have done extensive literature reviews or research and have vast experience in the field of ageing-related illnesses.

Last, but not least, ANTI-AGEING.SG hopes to serve as a one-stop clearinghouse for antiageing information and ideas of all kinds so that interested parties may efficiently obtain information and educate themselves, hence becoming more intelligent consumers.

An online shop which links to reputable third party vendors has been set up to assist visitors in making online purchases for their anti-ageing needs.

Latest Articles

Elixir de Vie Anti-aging Solutions Indonesia will be opening its first Anti-Aging Medical Centre in Indonesia in the 4th quarter of 2008. (17th April 2008)

Could your dental fillings be killing you?

For many years the dental community maintained that mercury was tightly bound with other metal components and did not escape from amalgam fillings. However, studies have proven that mercury vapors do escape during chewing, brushing and when contacted with hot or acidic food.
(18th July 2007)

Eating Fish Is Good for You, or Is It?

We have always been led to believe that eating fish is good for our health. However, how many of us know that in America alone, one-in-six children born every year may have been exposed to mercury levels so high...
(17th July 2007)

How To Train With A Heart Rate Monitor

So, you have just bought a heart rate monitor. You wore it to your spinning class,...
(7th June 2006)

The Aging Process

As we age, our bodies change in many ways that affect the function of both individual cells and organ systems...
(6th March 2006)

Physical Activities in the Elderly

Physical activity is one of the most important and effective ways to prevent and treat certain health problems in older adults...
(6th March 2006)

Disease Prevention in the Elderly

Disease prevention is even more important in older people than in younger people...
(6th March 2006)

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