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Dr. Arthur Tjandra

Arthur Tjandra, the founder of the only anti-aging portal in Singapore: ANTI-AGEING.SG, is board-certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, and Aesthetic Medicine, as well as a fellow of the International College of Surgeons, and member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Arthur Tjandra is amongst the only 3 Board-Certified Anti-Aging Medicine Physicians in Singapore, and the only one in Indonesia. Besides building up his anti-aging medicine and cosmetic surgery practice in Medan, Indonesia, he continues to travel to Singapore on a bi-monthly basis where he is attached as a visiting fellow at the Institute of Plastic Surgery Singapore, as well as The Heal Medical Group.

After completing undergraduate medical studies at the University of North Sumatra (Indonesia), University of Sydney (Australia) and University of Wales College of Medicine (UK), Arthur Tjandra embarked on post-graduate training by going through internal medicine residency at the Singapore General Hospital, training in various subspecialties in medicine, upon which his anti-aging medicine practice is built. Upon passing American board certification examinations in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, as well as Aesthetic Medicine, he proceeded to complete a 2-year resident fellowship program in facial and body cosmetic surgery at the Institute of Plastic Surgery Singapore (Tan Tock Seng Hospital), as well as Saint Louis University School of Medicine. It was then followed by another 2 years of visiting fellowship attachment at the Institute of Plastic Surgery Singapore, culminating in the conferment of the membership of both the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and American Society of Lipo-Suction Surgery. In recognition of his vast experience and training, the International College of Surgeons unanimously elected Arthur Tjandra as a Fellow in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He is probably the ONLY medical doctor in the world who has trained in internal medicine, anti-aging medicine, sports medicine and cosmetic surgery! Currently, Arthur Tjandra continues to return to the United States annually, to update his knowledge and surgical skills by attending various workshops organized by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, as well as returning to Singapore on a bi-monthly basis as a visiting fellow at the Institute of Plastic Surgery Singapore.

Arthur Tjandra is a keen sports enthusiast. Besides sports medicine, Arthur Tjandra is also knowledgeable in sports nutrition. He has been credentialed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (USA) as a Performance Enhancement Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, as well as a Certified Sports Nutritionist.

Having been overweight at one point of time, Arthur Tjandra transformed his own body in 2004, experimenting with various methods of diets and since then has worked with many others to help them achieve the same. Utilizing the knowledge he obtained while training to be a Performance Enhancement Specialist and Sports Nutritionist, he specializes in working with those who suffer from obesity as well as underweight clients who wish to pack on a few more pounds of lean body mass. He also devises various signature anti-aging exercise programs, and has helped many elderly clients to regain their youth and vitality. He proves that it is possible to halt and even reverse the aging process by a combination of healthy diet, exercise, dietary and nutritional supplements, and hormone replacement therapy. Arthur Tjandra could hardly run 100 m without stopping prior to 2004. Currently, he competes regularly in duathlons, triathlons, half-marathons and marathons.

Arthur Tjandra has special interest in the field of aging and aging-related illnesses. He believes in prevention and early intervention. Having worked in almost all medical sub-specialties (internal medicine, renal medicine, cardiology, gastroenterology, medical oncology, hematology, psychiatry, neurology, respiratory and critical care medicine, endocrinology, emergency medicine, geriatric medicine and rehabilitation medicine), he believes in a holistic approach in the management of his patients in the practice of anti-aging medicine. He applies what is often a complex combination of medical specialties -- endocrinology, neurology, cardiology, nutrition, exercise science, psychiatry, sexuality, life changing behavior techniques, spirituality -- and others depending on each individual patient's needs and interests.

During his stints in three intensive care units (cardiac, medical and neurology) and caring for the critically ill, Arthur Tjandra observed numerous unnecessary deaths and diseases as a result of unhealthy "modern" lifestyle. Arthur Tjandra also observed that a lot of focus has been placed on the treatment of diseases but little has been done to educate the public on preventive medicine. He decided, thus, to set up a free information portal for the public, ANTI-AGEING.SG, which he funded himself.

Arthur Tjandra has handpicked a select group of renowned medical professionals who are experienced in the management of ageing-related diseases as well as experts in their respective sub-specialties, to contribute review articles to ANTI-AGEING.SG.



  • University of North Sumatra, Faculty of Medicine - Medan, Indonesia
  • University of Sydney, Faculty of Medicine - Sydney, Australia
  • University of Wales College of Medicine - Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
  • Saint Louis University School of Medicine - Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Postgraduate qualifications


  • Laser in Medicine and Surgery, Singapore
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Singapore
  • Basic Cardiac Life Support, Singapore
  • Fundamental Critical Care Support, USA
  • Advanced Trauma Life Support, Singapore

Professional Affiliations


  • Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, Australia
  • Rumah Sakit Jiwa Pusat Medan, Indonesia
  • Puskesmas Nagori Usang, Deli Serdang, North Sumatra, Indonesia


Fellowship/Preceptorship in Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology

Race results

Having packed on more than 12 kgs of excess fat with a waistline of 37 inches, Arthur Tjandra started running as one of the means to lose weight in 2004, when he was already in his 30s. He took part in his first race in the same year, and since then he has never looked back. Combined with his signature diet and fat loss method, he successfully achieved a lean, toned, chiseled body and shed 8 inches off his waist within 6 months. Now as he approaches 40 years of age, Arthur Tjandra continues to maintain the physique and stamina of a 20-year-old. Arthur Tjandra has become a regular competitor at local and regional marathon and duathlon races, overcoming his exercise-induced asthma which prevented him from engaging in aerobic activities during his younger days. One of his most significant achievements in endurance and speed can be seen in his timing. He could hardly run 1 KM without stopping when he first picked up jogging in 2004, taking an average time of 8-9 minutes to complete 1 KM. Combining his knowledge in proper training and nutrients, currently, he is a sub-2-hour half marathon finisher. Please click on the above link to view his race results.

About the Founder

  1. Osim Singapore Triathlon 28 Aug 2004
  2. Singapore Duathlon 13 Mar 2005
  3. Osim Singapore Asian Triathlon Championship 2 Jul 2005
  4. New Balance Real Run Sentosa 28 Aug 2005
  5. Army Half Marathon Singapore 11 Sep 2005
  6. Powerman Malaysia 25 Sep 2005
  7. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 4 Dec 2005
  8. Singapore Duathlon 26 Feb 2006
  9. Phuket International Marathon 18 Jun 2006
  10. Army Half Marathon Singapore 27 Aug 2006
  11. Singapore Oakley City Duathlon 20 May 2007
  12. Siemens Run Kuala Lumpur 8 July 2007
  13. Army Half Marathon Singapore 26 Aug 2007
  14. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2 Dec 2007
  15. Army Half Marathon Singapore 24 Aug 2008
  16. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Dec 2008
  17. Tribob Sprint Series Duathlon 15 Mar 2009
  18. Army Half Marathon Singapore 16 Aug 2009
  19. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 6 Dec 2009
  20. Long Beach Marathon 17 Oct 2010
  21. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 5 Dec 2010
  22. Army Half Marathon Singapore 4 Sep 2011
  23. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 4 Dec 2011
  24. Tokyo Marathon 26 Feb 2012
  25. Paris Marathon 15 Apr 2012
  26. Gold Coast Airport Marathon 1 Jul 2012
  27. Army Half Marathon Singapore 9 Sep 2012
  28. Seoul Marathon 17 Mar 2013
  29. Gold Coast Airport Marathon 7 Jul 2013
  30. Army Half Marathon Singapore 1 Sep 2013
  31. Sydney Marathon 22 Sep 2013
  32. Melbourne Marathon 13 Oct 2013
  33. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 1 Dec 2013
  34. Seoul Marathon Mar 2014
  35. Vienna City Marathon 13 Apr 2014
  36. Gold Coast Airport Marathon 6 Jul 2014
  37. Army Half Marathon Singapore Sep 2014
  38. Sydney Marathon Sep 2014
  39. Melbourne Marathon Oct 2014
  40. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Dec 2014

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